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Our goal is to deliver the best leads on the market.

We are a creative marketing studio with over 20 years of combined experience. We provide high value traffic to our customers while at the same time bringing the best experience for the users.


We specialize in the gaming industry.


Affiliate marketing

The majority of our revenue is generated through online affiliate marketing. 

We have a big network of comparison sites and can offer our partners high organic quality traffic to their business.


Long term

We strongly believe that long term relationships is the key to success.

When partnering with us you can expect trust, transparency and a partnership that is beneficial for both parties.


Media buying

Flamingo Media is a full service media agency that can provide your company the necessary help when it comes to TV, radio, digital, Google Adwords and programmatic buying. We also specialize in creating sales driven marketing campaigns and brand building.

Our professional team will identify your audience, define your marketing challenges and goals. We develop tactical and strategic goals to make your business grow and increase your brand awareness.

Flamingo Media is innovative and will take your company to the next level and exceed your expectations.

Our strategy is to find the best potential customers which will generate the best possible return on investment (ROI)


Transparancy & cost effective

Our main focus is to create a good relationship with our partners while delivering the best leads on the market in the most cost effective manner.

We want to help them grow and give them as good return of investment as possible with total transparency. 

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